About me

Hey there, I’m Jared Jensen. By day, I’m a professional nerd using mysteriously fantastic coding skills to finance sadly expensive hobbies. Sometimes I lead teams of other nerds, and sometimes I’m an individual contributor.

Nights and weekends, you can find me diving in the murky waters of the Pacific Northwest looking for tiny critters or large wrecks to capture photos and videos of. I’m currently diving a rEvo mCCR Mini III, Dive-X CUDA 400, Canon 5DmkIII in Nauticam housing with lights from NLS, Bigblue, and Fisheye. I’ve got cards for CCR MOD3/Cave and blend gas in my garage.

I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter, and three crazy cats. All have the uncanny ability to melt my heart and try my patience at the same time.

I’m constantly working to improve my photography skills, fine-tune my diving gear, and organize the giant pile of kit in my garage. If you’re fanatical about diving, especially with rebreathers, scooters, and/or cameras, let’s go for a swim!

Going for a swim in Lake Washington with a JJ-CCR